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Our Alford and Hathaway
Family History

Boston Harbor - Colonial America

Most of our Alford and Hathaway ancestors immigrated to the Plymouth, Massachusetts, and Connecticut colonies from England before there was a United States of America. They were brave souls who risked everything. taking a dangerous, up to eight-week, trip on a small sailing ships, to establish a home for themselves, children, children's children, and us, in the New World. They were pioneers, who often suffered great hardships, but endured as they improved their lot and their world with each generation. Their descendants fought to establish the United States, and their descendants fought to defend and preserve the Union. We owe much to them. Their blood runs through our veins and their spirit is in our souls. These are their stories. They are people worth knowing.

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Our ancestors worked and struggled to make better lives for their children, their children's children, and for us. We are their legacy. We are who we are and we are here because of them.

While most of the details of their lives are lost in the mists of time, our ancestors left footprints in history. We know, or can learn, some things about them and what they did, and we know what history tells us about the times they lived in. Putting these together and opening our minds helps us envision what their lives were like, and to know and appreciate them.

This is about family. We live in a very short window of the historical time line. We know our parents as adults, our grandparents as old people, our children, and our grandchildren as young people. If we are fortunate we may get a glimpse of the beginning of the life of a great grandchild, or the end of life of a great grandparent. That is only a handful of the many generations that have come before us and the many yet to come. Family History is about extending our knowledge of our families to those we never met in person, learning who they were, how they lived and what their world was like. Learning about our ancestors enriches and broadens our lives. Someday we too will be someone's ancestors.

Welcome to our family history. Come meet our ancestors, perhaps they, or at least some of them are yours too. If you have a comment, something to share, or just want to say hello, email me at webmaster@rtreeoflife.com.

Our Labadie and Lestage
Family History

Villa Marie - New France

Most of our Labadie and Lestage ancestors immigrated to New France when that include all of what are today, Canada and large parts of the United States. They came from France, primarily departing from La Rochelle, to establish new homes in the new world. These were hearty folks and pioneers, who traveled hundreds of miles by canoe through the wilderness, moving their families to the outposts on the edge of the frontier. They became close friends with the natives and learned their ways as well as sharing their own traditions with them. They became fur traders, farmers, and businessmen. Their descendants built those frontier settlements into thriving towns and cities across southern Canada and the northern United States. They are people worth knowing. I hope you enjoy their stories.

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