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The Rev. Charles B. Alford and Margaret Burton Alford

The Alford Family taken around 1914. Charles and his wife Margaret were my paternal grandparents. My father is show second from the left in the bottom row. To learn more about the Alford family and their ancestors, click on the picture above.

Welome to Our Alford-Hathaway Family History

Most of our Alford and Hathaways came to colonial New England in the early to middle colonial period. They were pioneers, soldiers, farmers, blacksmiths, and entrepreneurs. They found a land rich for development, but fraught with dangers. Life was not easy, and the challenges they faced to build a new world for themselves, their children, and for us, are hard for us to envision and appreciate.

The details of their lives have faded into the mists of time, yet they left their marks on history, and we can find them, learn about them, and come to know them through their works and deeds. They are worth knowing. They made the world we live in and they made us who we are.

The names and dates in the tables and charts don't begin to tell us what we Need to know. These are but elements of a roadmap to guide us along the way. The stories lie in the pictures, biographies, and documents attached to each family. New documents and additional information is being found and added all the time, And with each additional piece of information, the story grows richer and their Lives and ours become more meaningful.

Come, meet our Alford and Hathaway families, and all the others listed below, for maternal ancestors are as important as paternal ones and only eight generations back we had over one-hundred grandparents.

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